mediated dispute

Almost any dispute can be mediated, whether it be a simple contract case, a complex multi-party anti-trust case, an insurance claim dispute, a civil rights violation claim or any other. For illustration, I will use Intellectual Property disputes because they are easily understood, common disputes and offer enough variables to show how mediation can be helpful.

For many business owners, Intellectual Property is their most valuable asset. Your creative ideas, whether those are reflected in your patents, trademarks or your trade secrets, are important in driving your business success. Those Intellectual Property assets can also give rise to disputes that could jeopardize your business.

For example, a dispute can arise when a former employee who knows sensitive information learned during his or her time with your company, leaves your company to join a competitor. When this happens, both parties would be well served by keeping the dispute out of court. An experienced mediator who has intimate knowledge and a great deal of experience in Intellectual Property matters, like Mr. Bosses, is the best person equipped to help the parties resolve their dispute in a manner that satisfies the needs of both sides.

When your business is heavily dependent on a critical patent owned by your company or on a trademark by which your company is well known, protecting that Intellectual Property can be critical to the company’s continued success. However, it is often the case that competitors try to use your patented invention or try to “get around” it, or begin using a trademark you consider too similar to your own as to mislead customers. When any of these things happen, an experienced and knowledgeable mediator can help resolve the dispute faster and less expensive than going to court. Most importantly, (s)he can help you and the competitor find a solution that you both can live with whereas if it were to go to court, a judge’s decision could be one that “splits the baby” in a way that makes neither party satisfied.

Whether the dispute involves Intellectual Property rights or any other kinds of rights, such as contract rights, personal injury rights, rights relating to general business disputes, a mediator with the knowledge, training and experience possessed by Stevan Bosses is the perfect person to help resolve your disputes.

Mediation offers the advantages of being much less expensive than full blown litigation. It also helps resolve disputes much more quickly that litigation and keeps the ultimate terms of the solution in the hands of the parties. When a case to court it ends up being decided by a Judge who is not familiar with the business in which the parties are engaged and hence his decision can turn out to make no sense for either party. That cannot happen when the case is resolve in mediation.

Whether it is an intellectual property dispute, a contract claim, a real property dispute, Mr. Bosses is well equipped to mediate the dispute. His track record for resolving disputes through mediation exceeds 80%.